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Troubleshooting the mobile app for Android

Using System One on mobile works fantastic 99% of the time, but when it doesn't, please use this general checklist that might help you solve the issue and gather information to communicate with

Mobile app or browser?
Just to avoid any confusion: Are you using System One in a browser on your Android device, or are you using the app that you downloaded from the Google Play Store

Up-to-date Android version
Make sure that your device has at at least Android version 11 or higher. Otherwise, you might see a message "Your device is not compatible with this version" in the store. 

App reinstall / up-to-date
When you experience persistent problems, can you delete the System One app (and it's data) from your device. Then go to the Google Play Store  to install the latest version of the mobile app. 

Help us understand the issue
When our support team tries to help you, it's important that we are able to reproduce the issue you experience. You can help us in a few different way:

  • Screenshots: Please make and send screenshots of error messages or the screen that you see. 
  • Steps to reproduce: Describe the actions you took that led to the issue. A good format has a number of steps. This is an example:
    1. I open the app on my mobile, by clicking the icon
    2. The app opens and I see the login screen
    3. I enter my username + password and click the login button
    4. After logging in, I see the screen "Artists", but no artists are displayed. 
  • Who, when: What is your username and what date/time exactly did your problem occurred?
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