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Requirements to use System One

Desktop app
There is a desktop app for System One that runs in a browser on Mac or Windows, like a web-page.

Mobile app
There is a mobile app available for iPhone and Andoid devices. You can find it in the app store.

What browser should I use?

We recommend to use Chrome. We use this ourselves most of the time during development & testing. However, Edge, FireFox or Safari also works.

The most imporant thing is: your browser should be up-to-date. We cannot guarantee or give support for out-of-date browsers. You can check the version of your browser here.

Security is the most important argument to update your browser. Out-of-date browsers have known security exploits that make it easy for hackers to compromise your system.

If your operating system (OS) doesn't allow you to update your browser to the lastest version, try to update your OS. If your computer is too old for that, you're probably up for replacement.