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Sharing user accounts

Sharing credentials between different people to reduce subscription costs compromises the usability and the security of the application and is not allowed.

We have designed System One with teamplay in mind. Every user account is personalized so you can assign personal tasks and track who made a change or a comment. Sharing credentials will put your users at a disadvantage, because they can not get the best out of their work.

Next to that; sharing credentials is in clear violation with the agreement that you signed with us. We aim to provide a reasonable pricing model. Small business can start with relatively low costs and pay as their team grows.  The costs per team member could be easily justified, when you look at the time they can save by working with System One. 

The other side of this story is that we try to make good use of your money. So far we reinvested any profit into further development of the application, which is something that everyone will benefit from.