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My template exceeds the upload limit

To guarantee a reliable and fast performance, there is a limit to the maximum file size of the Word document template you can upload in System One.

The 2 Mb upload limit only applies to the template files. Regular files that you upload to online storage can be as big as you want.

There are a number of things you can check when your documents exceed the maximum upload size of 2 Mb.

Image resolution

Sometimes image resolution is unnecessarily high. We find that images in Word documents are okay with a maximum width of ~1200 pixels (when displayed page wide). Down-scaling images with Photoshop and reinserting them into your document can make a big difference.

Image collage

Avoid making a collage of several layered images in Word. The total file size will be a lot bigger than inserting only one image. Perhaps you can prepare the collage of images in Photoshop, or make a screenshot of your Word document and re-insert this in the place of all the other images.

Unnecessary white space

When you add padding around your logo inside your image file, this will quickly add to the file size of the image. You should trim off the padding and use the spacing in Word.

Unused images

Sometimes documents contain images that are not visible, but they are included in the file. For instance, when you are working with sections, footers and headers in your Word document.

Wrong file format

Here we get a bit technical. Images can be saved in different file formats. Common formats are .png, and .jpg.

When you have a big photo in .png format, try saving it as a .jpg file with 80-90% quality. You probably won't see the difference, but the file size might be a lot smaller.

NO LUCK? When you can't figure things out on your own, send us your document. We're happy to advice you.

Alternative distribution

It can happen that after all the tweaking to your document, you discover that an artist rider with 25 different stage plans, 18 press photo's and 6 logo's will never be small enough.

In this case, consider uploading your rider as a PDF into the online storage in the detail page of your artist. When you send out your contract by email from System One, you can attach any of the files from the related artist.

TECH NERD PRO TIP: Word files (.docx) are actually Zip archives that contains a folder structure with .xml files and all the separate image files. You can rename the .docx extension to a .zip and open the file to see what is really going on inside your Word document.