Files in train section

New feature

We've made an improvement to the train section allowing users to upload tickets and receipts directly to the relevant train journeys.

Artists and crew can access these tickets directly through the mobile app on their phones, giving them instant access to their relevant travel documents.

Label change in invoices


We got rid of some inconsistencies in labels for invoices.

Previously invoices were labeled as "unpaid / paid", which was technically incorrect; Invoices can also be settled without a payment, for instance, when they're internally credited.

The labels are now "settled" or "outstanding".

Rebuilding products


We've rebuilt the products panel and dialog screen using a modern framework, which is part of an ongoing effort to further improve the quality of System One.

There aren't many noticable differences, but this update is a mandatory step in preparation of the online signing feature that we will be rolling out in the next months. Stay tuned!

Hide artist from filters


There is a new setting and a UI improvement in the company page. The artist profile has an extra option "Hidden from filters".When an artist is "hidden from filters", it won't show up in the various selection tools in the planning section, which is useful in case you are no longer representing certain artists and you want to tidy up the list with selectable artists. 

Filter by artist profile type

New feature

A new filter is added to the artist list, so you can filter by:

  • All artists / no filter
  • Only active artists (which is the default option)
  • Only artists that are hidden from filters

Sign in with Apple on mobile

New feature

One of our most used tools is of course the mobile app, giving artists and crew an up-to-date itinerary whenever they are on tour.

Using the mobile app should be as convenient as possible. One of the features that we offer is social login from Facebook and Google.

Apple recently enforced a new requirement for placement in their App store: When you use social logins from third parties, you should also offer "Sign in with Apple". So we built this and included this login option for all relevant devices.

Hide header in embedded shows


We've added another configuration feature to the embedded shows wizard that syncs all the accounced events to your website.

You can now hide the Upcoming shows header that is displayed above the list of events.

Your subscription

New feature

Information about your System One subscription is now directly available in your account.

On the system settings page you can find a summary about your current subscription.

The details page of the subscription gives you more information on your upcoming subscription and the number of active users in your current subscription. 

Polish zloty

New feature

Witajcie przyjaciele! We've added the zloty (PLN) as an available currency.

Added performance time to the timetable


Previously the performance time could only be registered with the date of the event and not in the timetable section of a show.

We have improved this and you can now add the peformance time directly to the timetable, allowing you to create a complete day sheet with all the important jobs of that day in one place.

Timetables can be easily shared with for your artists and crew in itineraries and through the mobile app.

Filter users by free field profile

New feature

We've added the concept of "free field permission profiles" as part of our July 2021 release. In these profiles you assign free field permissions to a group of users at once.

In the list view for internal & external users, a filter for free field profiles has been added. It allows you to list all the users that have been assigned to a specific free field profile. 

This feature is especially useful for agencies with many users. 

Browser check

New feature

We try to keep System One backwards compatible for as many users as possible. However, older browsers can pose technical and/or security issues. Therefore we cannot support older browsers forever and it is good practise for users to keep their browser up to date. 

Instead of waiting for users to run into potential, browser-related issues, we are now actively warning them that their browser is out of date and should be updated.  

My selection workflow


As part of our July 2021 release, we have changed how the "my selection" feature works.

We made these changes because  some of the "My selection" actions (such as "Change status" or "Replace tags") behaved inconsistently throughout different sections:

  • In some sections, only the items visible in your screen would be affected, so it would be dependant on your filter.
  • In other sections, all the items in your selection would be affected, even if they were outside of your selection.

Now, every action modifies all the items that are in your selection.

To make it clear which items are exactly in your selection, we have added an indication of the total number of items in your selection, 50 in this case:

Click on "Display my selection" to activate the available actions.You can see the "Display my selection" filter activated in the selectiontool.

Payment modal update


The payment modal in the invoice view has completely been rebuilt.

This is done as part of a step-by-step modernisation of the application. Another reason was that some users were experiencing problems using the calendar for setting the "Received on" date.

Internal users with access to specific artists can now also view documents without linked shows


Internal users with access restricted to specific artists could previously only view documents (like contracts and invoices) that were linked to shows of their artists.

They could not access the documents that had no linked shows. This is problematic in situations where you want to issue an invoice unrelated to a show.

We have solved this, by giving access to the documents without linked shows.

Toggle Xml event feeds

New feature

This is the predecessor of the "Embed shows on your website" feature. The feed (API) can be used to retrieve calendar information to display on your website.

To help you de-clutter your interface, you can now switch off the feature through system settings.

IMPORTANT: We will completely remove the outdated "Xml event feed"-feature on July 2022. Make sure you switch to the "embed shows on your website" technology.

Show copy improvement


We made the copy shows view a little bit more useful. It now allows you to choose what products can be copied.

Free field permission profiles

New feature

This feature will make the life of system admins better.

Previously you would set the access levels for each individual user. This gets boring quickly when you have lots of users.

We have replaced this with permission profiles. A profiles is created to represent a group of users that all have the same level of access to free fields.

You can create different profiles to define groups of users.

Deactivate accounts

New feature

Previously, the only way to get rid of a user account, was to permanently delete the account.

We changed this workfow. Instead of deleting, you deactivate a user account. The account will still be present in the system and can be reactivated at any moment. You can still use deactivated users in reports and selections, to see for instance which bookings a previous employee did in the past.

This affects your billing: You will not be charged for any internal users that are deactivated on your next subscription renewal.

Timetable UX


We've improved the UI for adding/changing elements in the timetable. Inputting data should now be easier and faster.

Transfer ownership

New feature

With this new admin tool you can transfer ownership of data between internal users.

This can be particularly useful when an employee leaves the company.

Language column added to contact list


You can keep track of the preferred language you use to communicate with your contact.

In the list of contacts we've added a flag to display this language.

Batch change improvement


As an internal user, you can select companies, contacts, shows, contracts, invoices etc.

You can make changes to the selection. For instance, change the status for many items at once.

In the past it could be a bit unclear how many items you were actually going to change, so we introduced this red warning that gives more visibility.

Merged developer account

New feature

We have merged the developer accounts with the regular external user accounts, so there are now only 2 types of accounts within System One; internal users and external users. 

In the permissions panel for external users you can now give your web developer specific permissions to implement a booking request form or to embed confirmed shows on your website.

Improved linked contacts panel


We have made several improvements to the linked contacts panel in the company detail view:

  • A flag that indicates the language of the contact has been added.
  • Inactive contacts are moved to the end of the list
  • Inactive contacts are greyed out, so it's immediately clear they are inactive.

See who created a task

New feature

By popular demand: You can now see which user has created a task. This information was previously not easily accessible.

Template settings relocated

New feature

We've reworked the design for the template settings menu.

The new template settings can be accessed directly from the avatar menu.

In the new design we are now showing relevant support articles.



Tags can be created in system settings and assigned to companies, contacts and shows. We made some improvements:

  • Assigned tags are now also shown in overviews
  • Tags have colors

Link shows to document


You can link multiple shows to an invoice or a contract. We've replaced the old screens with a user-friendly panel that helps you to work efficiently.

Increased length for bookkeeping name


Register bookkeeping names with up to 100 characters instead of the previous 50 characters.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

New feature

We've reworked design & code for flights, trains and ground transport.

Adding Turkish language option for contacts

New feature

Türk arkadaslarimiza merhaba! We've added Turkish as a language option for contacts and in the language dropdown for templates, so the week- and month-names are automatically translated in templates.

Fixing download file issue


Having a percentage (%) character in the file name was causing a problem while downloading files in some cases. We took care of this.

Display multiple-day events


The calendar that you can embed on the website of your agency/artist now supports displaying multi-day-events.

Period filter fix


The "per day" period filter option for contracts, invoices and other documents wasn't working as expected in some cases, so we fixed this.

VAT number checker


The VAT numbers that are stored in System One are automatically checked every 60 days against the VIES database to determine if they are still valid.

We have solved an issue that caused this process to fail. It might take up to the 14th of june before the backlog of unchecked VAT numbers has been processed.

Also, we have sorted out the VAT status for England, Schotland and Wales, being "Outside EU" :(

Improving user-friendliness


During product presentations and user trainings, we sometimes notice that concepts we though were simple don't "click" immediately with our users. Such pain points become topic of discussion for the System One team.

Sometimes a small change can make a big difference. In this round we renamed a number of labels, for instance the "Export" panel now reads:

New payment method: "Write-off"


In addition to the existing payment methods, you can now book a write-off. This way you can close invoices that have outstanding payments that you don't expect to receive anymore.

New payment columns in invoice export

New feature

There are new columns available to add to the Excel invoice list export. You can now export detailed information about the payments that have been made with invoices.

Adding show details to guestlist filename


You can download an Excel sheet with the names of guests. Instead of downloading a file called "guestlist.xlsx", we added basic details about the show in the file name, like the artist, performance date, venue name & city, export date & time.

Improving emails export


This export feature can be found in the company- and contact sections.

With the email export, you can download (a selection of) your addressbook to import in a tool like MailChimp.

We improved the email export with additional columns that have first name, last name and company name.

Very useful when you want to send a personalized mailing.

Timetable in email templates

New feature

When you send out an email from the show, you can include the timetable in the email template.

This is the timetable:

{{#each timetable}}
{{time}} {{type}}

Mandatory field indication in booking request form


We fixed an issue in the booking request form. For some fields, the little red star that indicates mandatory input was missing.

Fold/unfold sections in Excel export configuration


When you choose columns to add to your Excel Export template, the number of available columns can be overwhelming.

Because of this, we have added the feature to fold/unfold whole sections.

New Excel export columns

New feature

Leveraging the power of the newly introduced product types, you can make better reports. Add artist fee, booking fee, travel etc. columns to your custom Excel report.

Introducing product types


Every product line now has a product type that can be used to group the data in reports. For instance; download an excel sheet for all shows in a certain period with separate columns for artist fee, booking fee and travel costs.

Shows count in production list


Agencies that use the production module are up for a treat. They can see how many shows are booked per production, directly from the list view.

Timetable in document templates


Include the timetable in Word tempaltes that you use in the show section.

Adding show info to guestlist download


You can download an Excel sheet with guests' names from the guestlist. We added basic details about the show, so the promotor can easily print the document and use it at the door.

Octopus invoice export mask

Built an export mask for users of this bookkeeping software from Belgium. They can periodically export invoices from System One and import them into Octopus.

Timetable on mobile


Artists can now access the timetable from their mobile app, which is released for iPhone & Android.

Timetable feature

New feature

You can now maintain a minute-to-minute planning of the show, with this new timetable feature.

Embed shows on your website

New feature

There is a new and improved way to display a calendar with public shows on your website. With a wizard you can easily configure a calendar to match the styling of your site and display public shows instantly on your agency and artist websites.

Tickets in mobile app


Information about tickets that is registered in the show details is now visible in the mobile app.

Norwegian counties changed


In an administrative reorganisation, Norway's 19 counties have become 11. We have updated existing addresses for all clients and changed the states in the interface in line with these changes.

Xero invoice export mask

New feature

Built an export mask for clients that use accounting software Xero. They can periodically export invoices from System One and import them into Xero.

Update your branding

New feature

In the new branding page, system administrators can upload their company logos and company name.

Display IATA for linked flights


By displaying the IATA airport codes for linked flights, the itinerary section in the show details is little more user friendly. :)

Autocomplete power-up


We've improved the autocomplete function by implementing a new search engine. When you're looking for a specific company, you don't need to exactly match the name.

Filter by "Current week"


In addition to the existing period filters, we've introduced a current week filter option, so you can filter shows by current week.

Download files in flights on mobile

New feature

You can now download files that are uploaded with flights (like boarding passes) in the mobile app.

Adding Turkish Lira

New feature

The Turkish Lira (TRY) has been added to our list of currencies and we daily retrieve it's exchange rates.

Guest list on mobile


With this new mobile release for iPhone & Android, you can now configure the guestlist and have your artists add guests to it.

Google address mapping


It was already possible to complete addresses with Google Places. However, Google data differs per country and is isn't always compatible with the way System One organized states/counties/provinces.

Because of this, addresses for countries like Brazil weren't filled out correctly.

We've built technology that maps every address correctly, so you will have a better experience.

Availability check

New feature

Artists' schedules change fast, and often. Between tours, shows, vacations and other commitments, it can be hard to get an instant overview on which artists are available to perform, but keeping track of their availability is crucial for booking more gigs. Our Artist Availability checker solves this problem for agents.

Removing gender question from booking request forms


We removed the input element that asks a person to fill out man/woman/unspecified. It's not so important and there is a rainbow of other options anyway.

Reworked file name logic for Safari users


Safari users that choose the "Save as" option from the context menu for documents, now get a correct filename for the file they're saving.

Manage a guestlist

New feature

You can now create and share guest lists using System One. In the show detail page you can find the "Activate guestlist" feature.