Invite others to complete information for bookings

Welcome advancing, the easiest way to collect all the information required to complete a booking. Agencies collaborate with promoters, tour managers and travel agents on this platform, eliminating double data entry and long email trails.

Collaboration between different parties

Work together with promoters on the pre-production of shows via System One's advancing platform and avoid sending numerous e-mails to collect all the show details. The production manager or artist liaison manager can fill in the required advancing information in an online form, for the agent to approve. Approved information is pushed straight into the artists’ tour itineraries.

Improve & track communication

A chat feature is implemented, so the production team of the agency can chat with the team of the promoter. Every action is stored in a timeline that is visible in System One, creating a trail of information. This way everyone can see what happened in the advancing process.

Share files

Both the promoter and the booking agency can share files such as riders, visas and passport scans through the advancing tool. Everyone has the right documents at hand.

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