My selection workflow


As part of our July 2021 release, we have changed how the "my selection" feature works.

We made these changes because  some of the "My selection" actions (such as "Change status" or "Replace tags") behaved inconsistently throughout different sections:

  • In some sections, only the items visible in your screen would be affected, so it would be dependant on your filter.
  • In other sections, all the items in your selection would be affected, even if they were outside of your selection.

Now, every action modifies all the items that are in your selection.

To make it clear which items are exactly in your selection, we have added an indication of the total number of items in your selection, 50 in this case:

Click on "Display my selection" to activate the available actions.You can see the "Display my selection" filter activated in the selectiontool.

2 anos atrás