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Can Facebook access my data?

After all recent media exposure, data mining is a topic of concern. Since we have a " Connect to Facebook" button in System One, let's talk about this.

We offer a social login integration with Facebook (and Google) where they act as an identity provider for System One. With this feature a user no longer has to remember his System One credentials.

Can you "explain like I'm five years old" what happens if I use the social login?

When someone wants to log in through Facebook, we ask Facebook to show their login screen; "Hi Facebook, here is System One. We have someone that wants to use your login to prove his identity". In this process we don't need to provide any user-specific information.

So does System One provide data to Facebook?

As per our service agreement, we don't give data that you created in System One to third parties without your explicit consent.

What data is collected by Facebook?

We assume they know about:

  • The fact that you use their login to access System One
  • What date / time you logged in
  • information about your device
  • Your IP address
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