Lock your invoices

System One has been recently expanded with functionality to secure (lock) invoices. Once secured, users are unable to make any further modifications to the document. This will prevent possible discrepancies between data in an external accounting package and the data stored in System One.

How does this work?

The internal user administration has been extended with a check box for permission to lock invoices.
Within locked invoices the product & service items cannot be modified anymore.

Secure invoices per month

Users with the correct user permission status will find an extra option in their settings menu. To lock several invoices at once, go to Settings > Overview > Lock invoices. Here you will find the possibility to secure invoices per month.

Unlock per invoice

It might happen that a locked invoice needs to be unlocked. In this case, only the user that has permission to lock invoices will see the possibility to unlock invoices in the Options menu in the Invoice detail view.

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