Improved Excel export

Exporting is easy in System One. In every list for contacts, shows and invoices you can find filters that help you to make the right selection from your database. Subsequently, you can export your selection to Excel using one of the template that you have set up. In the Excel export template you customize what data columns are available.

By the way; no news here for the System One aficionado. This feature existed for over 5 years. The real reason for this post is to *wow* you with improvements to this technology:

Easier selection of columns

During the set up of a template, you decide which columns to add. However, some sections have a huge list with hundreds of columns to choose from. We added a search tool that makes finding the right columns easy.

Customize the name of a column

Every available piece of data has a code, like AppName for the event name column. By default this code is used for the header of your Excel sheet. Now you can customize the header name of each column for more comprehensive exports.

Change the order of columns

Drag columns to another position in your list to change the order in which they appear in the Excel sheet.

Give some color to your spreadsheet

Customize the color of a column.

Pretty neat huh?

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